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What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a Holistic Healing Modality Developed By Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is a simple and effective process where we identify and release negative emotional energy that has become trapped in the energy field of the body. This energy is called a Trapped Emotion. It distorts the energy field, causing emotional imbalance, and can even distort the physical tissues of the body. Using a technique called muscle testing, we are able to quickly locate were the Trapped Emotion is lodged, which emotion it is and we can even ask what past event caused it. We then release this unwanted energy, restoring your body to its natural state of balance and wellness.


Meet Jaelyne!

Hello! I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I love being able to work with clients, serving those around me! Because of my Religious Faith, I have a deep reverence for the human body. It is the temple of our spirit, and a sacred stewardship that has been entrusted to each of us. I am always humbled by the simplicity and the effectiveness of this work, and I am honored to be a part of it. I have a passion for learning, particularly about energy and quantum physics. I love to use the knowledge I have gained to inspire those around me. I find my greatest fulfillment through serving those around me by doing this simple and elegant work. Namaste.